Model 9640 - 200MM Test Sieve, No. 80 mesh, Half Height, Brass Frame - Stainless Cloth

Sieves Meets ASTM E-11 / AASHTO T-27, M-92

Model 9640 is a 200MM Test Sieve with a U.S. standard No. 80 mesh (180 (µm) micron). This sieve is constructed with Brass Frame - Stainless Cloth and is Half Height. Proudly made in the USA.

**Each Test Sieve is supplied with a Serial Number and a matching Test Sieve Certificate of Compliance.

Model Number 9640
Sieve Description 200MM-HH-BR-SS-180 UM (#80)
Sieve Diameter 200MM Diameter Sieves
Sieve Material Brass Frame - Stainless Cloth
Sieve Height Half Height (Height - 1-5/8" | Depth - 1")
U.S. Standard No. 80
Metric Size 180 (µm) micron
Country of Manufacture USA
Price $47.00

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