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Welcome to our sieve and sieve shaker website. H&C has been selling high quality testing sieves since 1939. All of our testing sieves are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry and can be relied upon to provide accurate and dependable results. In addition to our sieves, we now offer high quality sieves shakers. These sieve shakers are dependable and will provide years of service.


These are U.S. Standard and Metric (B.S.) Standard wire mesh sieves. These sieves conform to all ASTM E-11, AASHTO T-27 & M-27, NIST, ISO 3310-1, and BS410 specifications. Each sieve is supplied with a serial number and a matching certificate of compliance. The sieves are constructed of metal frames which are seamless and have extended bottoms. The sieve cloth is mounted without distortion and the joints are smooth to prevent catching of material. Sieves of the same diameter can be nested on top of each other. There is no price difference for full, intermediate, or half height sizes. Please specify the desired height when placing your order.

*NIST traceable certification available at additional cost.

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Sieve Shakers

Sieve Shakers

Sieve Shakers are available for 3", 8" and 12" sieves. Test sieve shakers dramatically speed up particle analysis tests and free laboratory personnel to do other tasks. Sound enclosures are available for labs concerned about noise levels.